Stephanie Henderson



Never allow others to become the appraiser of what God has
placed within you.  


Only the Creator can speak to your worth. 
my friend, are
His priceless treasure.


About Stephanie Henderson

Stephanie's personality is easily characterized by her love of laughter and greeting people with a huge hug whether she is meeting them for the first time or they are long-time friends. Like most women, she embraces many areas of affection in her life – Hers include wife, mom, and Bella (grandmother)

She grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado following Hurricane Katrina.  After 20 years of ministry, she began speaking nationally and internationally which was a sweet surprise in her personal journey with the Lord.

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Podcast Series
Tough and Tender Conversations 

We all encounter tough and tender seasons of life.  What do we do when these seasons arrive, often without notice or warning? How do we navigate the more vulnerable places of our hearts while trying to understand the complexities involved?  
Our new podcast series discusses some of the tough and tender seasons women face.  In every episode, Stephanie will authentically speak to the needs of a woman's heart while unpacking biblical truths to bring encouragement and hope to the unprecedented times women face.   

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Loved, Seen, Treasured is a virtual women's community that provides a place to belong and encounter Jesus in a powerful way. Stephanie leads biblical teaching broadcasts and authentically speaks to matters of the heart.  As a Pastor and teacher, she has the gift of reaching through the surface and inviting women into the truth that they are truly loved, seen, and treasured by the Lord.  

Within the Loved, Seen, Treasured community, we share conversational podcasts, inspirational scriptures, blogs, answer questions, and have group discussions on our teaching segments.   

To become a member of our Loved, Seen, Treasured Women's Community, please visit our Facebook Page linked below.  For more information, please click the information button shared below.

A New Virtual Women's Ministry
Broadcasts, Podcasts, and Friendships
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She Leads Academy was created from Stephanie's passion to empower and celebrate the leadership each woman possesses.  Within our Leadership Academy, we offer two Specialty Bootcamps:
Leadership Bootcamp, an 8-session course where members will more fully understand their calling and receive biblical, practical 
leadership coaching for all aspects of leading well within the home, marketplace, and ministry. 

Marriage Bootcamp, a 4-session course that provides coaching on four foundational aspects of creating, nurturing, and restoring a healthy marriage relationship.   

Members of our community have personal access to Stephanie's authentic teaching as she shares both the challenges and celebrations of leading well.  

Take the first step in developing the leader within by joining our Leadership Academy.
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Invite Stephanie to lead your next service, conference, or event.  

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