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My passion is to help women more fully understand the incredible anointing they possess to accomplish their God-given assignment for His kingdom.

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She Leads Leadership Academy provides an 
8-session Leadership Bootcamp which provides a mentoring opportunity including biblical equipping tools to lead as a godly, empowered woman. Hosted virtually on Monday evenings at 6pm (MST), this community is created for those leading within the home, corporate arenas, or leading within ministry leadership roles.  Our unique membership provides a place to
ask hard questions, be understood and most of all, have other women who are celebrating leadership together! 

Stephanie has a tremendous passion to create space for women leaders to more fully understand the unique calling God has for their lives. Within this understanding, women can more confidently step into their God-given places of leadership.


She Leads - Leadership Bootcamp provides access to our 8-Session Leadership Live Seminars where members will have the opportunity to:

  • Study essential biblical principles of leading well

  • Draw practical tools for leading within every area of life

  • Gain confidence by understanding God's unique design for your life and why your leadership matters

  • Ask questions and discuss the weekly sessions with a learning community

  • Click here to purchase our Leadership Bootcamp Study Guide

  • $125 - Semester Tuition

Stephanie leads our live teachings and pours her years of experience into our sessions by sharing her personal journey of leading well and learning well. 

Fall Semester Begins Spring 2024


Venmo: @sheleadsministries
Cashapp: $sheleadsministries

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She Leads - Marriage Bootcamp - A  mentoring / coaching seminar, created for women,  that specifically shares biblical and practical solutions for cultivating healthy marriage relationships. Marriage Bootcamp is hosted virtually on Wednesday evenings, 6 pm (MST) beginning Spring of  2024.

Within our coaching sessions, members will gain wisdom on:

  • Communication 

  • Healthy Conflict Resolution

  • The Grace of Forgiveness

  • Developing Greater Relational Intimacy


Stephanie believes there is something so powerful about women speaking into each other's lives as it relates to developing healthy marriages.


Stephanie believes that within every woman lies a heart that wants to be desired, loved well, and pursued.  Marriage should be the beginning of a lifetime of these desires being fulfilled and fulfilling this for our spouse as well.  

Fall Semester Begins Spring 2024


Let's decide to do whatever it takes to make
our marriage relationship the
most rewarding, exciting, and intentional relationship of our life! 
Ongoing romance requires resilience.


Venmo: @sheleadsministries
Cashapp: $sheleadsministries

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Marriage Bootcamp

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If you have a have a purpose. 

If you have a heartbeat...
you were created by God to lead.

- Stephanie

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