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A Girl's Guide to Being Fabulous!

Copy of 10.2REVISED COVER - A Girls Guide To Being Fabulous (6 × 9 in) (12 × 9 in) (12.505

The desire to achieve the perfect look, live the perfect life, and present ourselves as flawless people is almost epidemic within our culture. Specifically, through our social media platforms, we have the ability to filter our persona by removing the parts of us that we view as "less than" with a simple click of a button. This subtle but profound cultural shift has eroded genuine appreciation for how God has uniquely and fabulously created us.

In this devotional study,
Stephanie Henderson speaks to the driving force behind perfectionism and its cousin, people-pleasing, in order to bring fresh awareness to the many places where these issues manifest.

Through this study, readers will gain biblical solutions for recognizing and overcoming these perfectionistic tendencies. Stephanie weaves together her personal journey and the Word of God to encourage her readers to embrace the fabulosity for which they were created.

The companion Prayer Journal, uniquely created for you, is to be used in conjunction with A Girl's Guide to Being Fabulous. Within these pages, you will have the opportunity to share meaningful scriptures, words of encouragement, and participate in various exercises within the study. Take your time and record the "aha" moments as you recognize places where perfectionism and people-pleasing have taken hold.

Announcing our Brand New Shoe Line...

Hand-Painted Women's Canvas Sneakers!

We are beyond excited to share our "Fabulous" Women's Sneakers that are custom created just for you!  This creation has been a vision of Stephanie's for many years.  
During the illness of her youngest son, the Lord directed her to begin writing His promises on the bottoms of her shoes.  It was a tangible way for her to "stand" on the Word of God and provided a place of strength for her throughout his healing.  Stephanie began sharing this practical application with other women, who also began writing God's Word on the bottom of their shoes.  
Each pair of our Fabulous shoes is personally prayed over and comes with a unique word of encouragement inscribed on the bottom of each pair, written by Stephanie.  

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A Girl's Guide to Being Fabulous
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candle - A Girls Guide To Being Fabulous (6 × 9 in) (12 × 9 in) (12.505 × 9.25 in) (12.625
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