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Register for Our Upcoming Amplify Gathering! 

Happy Hour

Tuesday, July 9th

4pm - 6pm

Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse Tavern
13021 Bass Pro Drive - Colorado Springs, 80921

Join us for a fun Happy Hour and Inspirational Talk on the topic of,..

"Navigating Messy Relationships ...While Keeping Your

Sanity intact." 

Cocktails. Conversations. & Community.

Amplify May Gathering .png

Amplify Women's Collective
is designed for professional women serving the Real Estate Industry.  

You are invited to join Amplify Women's Professional Collective, where we empower and unite women in the real estate industry. Our theme, "Real Women. Real Faith. Real Estate," encapsulates the essence of our collective, spearheaded by Stephanie Henderson.

With over two decades of experience in non-profit executive and senior executive roles, Stephanie understands the unique blend of joys and challenges that leadership brings. Currently, she is at the helm of Keller Williams Clients Choice in Colorado Springs, leading as the Chief Executive Officer.   Through her years of experience, Stephanie has realized a fundamental truth – women across all industries thrive when they have a supportive community of fellow women standing by them in faith for their future. This realization has given rise to the creation of Amplify Women's Professional Collective.

Drawing upon her extensive background in ministry and leadership development, Stephanie is on a mission to extend support, and encouragement, and foster a sense of community for women in various roles within the Real Estate Industry. Amplify Women's Professional Collective will host engaging gatherings featuring distinguished speakers and discussions tailored to address the strengths and challenges that women encounter in their professional journeys.  Additionally, we will offer virtual community opportunities for women across the United States to engage in our Amplify collective.

We invite women from all brokerages and roles within the real estate sector to join us on this empowering journey. Amplify Women's Professional Collective is more than a platform; it's a community where women lift each other, share wisdom, and amplify each other's success. Together, let's navigate the exciting path of real estate with strength, resilience, and faith in each other's potential.

Please complete our Membership Form, shared below, to request more information or to become part of the Amplify community!  We would love to connect with you!


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