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Life was not meant to be a mystery nor was it meant to be experienced alone.  For every season you experience, God has a designed plan for navigating these times with grace and strength.  Whether you are facing a challenging time or want to more fully understand His planned purpose for your life, individual biblical coaching is a valuable resource.  Coaching provides a place to safely wrestle difficult topics, receive wisdom for areas of uncertainty and have a system of support and accountability for everyday life.  Additionally, professional leadership development for ongoing advancement is one of the many strengths offered within our coaching menu.  

Stephanie's coaching style is welcoming, warm, and approachable.  She views her clients through the lens of their potential, which is often misunderstood or untapped, and is able to bring important issues to light in order for personal transformation to become an exciting reality. 

Stephanie, a certified Executive Coach, and Speaker is an elite member of the John T. Maxwell Team of Leadership. 
With over 25 years of executive leadership as a Senior Executive, CEO, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Pastor, she delights in empowering others to courageously embrace their personal destiny. She brings both her professional training and her day-to-day wisdom as a wife, mom, Bella (grandmom), and provides a well-rounded approach to a large variety of life concerns. 


Additionally, Stephanie has developed strategies for building thriving ministry teams and leaders.  We offer team coaching to accommodate the needs of multiple team members for impacting a variety of leadership levels.   

Our virtual or in-person coaching sessions are priced affordably and can be scheduled for optimum convenience.

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What you begin today greatly impacts all of your tomorrows!


What  Stephanie's Clients Say...

I love Stephanie's personal coaching and her Leadership Bootcamp course. She is such a deep well of wisdom and is so warm and authentic. I really have LOVED every teaching and coaching session with her. She speaks with authority as an overcomer and really ministers from the heart of God. I highly recommend her coaching and courses to anyone who is looking for sound Biblical teaching and hope along the journey.

- Eunice, Coaching Client

I have been so incredibly blessed since I started my coaching with Stephanie.

I come away from every session feeling very loved, inspired, motivated, and challenged in reaching higher levels of God's purpose for my life.  

This coaching has helped me to grow both personally and spiritually. Stephanie has walked beside me through many difficult things.  Stephanie has helped me to navigate life after the loss of my husband.  She was also widowed as a young mother and her story of victory is incredible. I was also able to find freedom with the resolve of some long-time spiritual abuse.  
Stephanie is a very strong woman of God and a wonderful mentor.  I love my time with Stephanie as she has become much more than a Spiritual Coach but a forever friend and sister in Christ.  Thank You, Stephanie!

- Tammy, Coaching Client

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